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Harmonic Egg

The Harmonic Egg® is a unique, patented chamber created to aid
mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

About Us

What is the Harmonic Egg?

As you recline in a zero gravity chair both, light frequency, vibration and sound create a blend of energy to stimulate your autonomic system to reorganise and promote balance back into the body.

Scientific contributions from neuroscience, molecular biology, and physics are now actively supporting energy and frequency as an alternative to aid in the rebalancing of the body. This treatment is risk free, repeatable and has no side effects. The frequencies, colours and methods used, have the potential to change the trajectory of care in the future.  

Helps with the following concerns:


Strength from within

Encourage Homeostasis

Resonant frequency therapy takes a different approach. While we encourage clients to take generally recommended steps to improve nutrition and fitness, the relaxation that the therapy provides may contribute to stabilising your internal environment, influencing energy flow and increasing a feeling of well-being. 

Inner Peace from Within

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

The Harmonic Egg® is an energy therapy that helps bring about a meditative state and a sense of relaxation and peacefulness. The client experiences 50 minutes of gradually deepening relaxation while being enveloped in the resonant vibration of music and coloured lights.

Clarity from within

Mental Clarity

The energy therapy employed through the Harmonic Egg® provide an alternative that can re-establish balance within the nervous system. For many clients, several sessions in the chamber of the Harmonic Egg® provides a system reset that results in greater focus and clarity as well as alleviating stress and anxiety and improving sleep.

Serenity from within

Spiritual Healing

Among our clients are many holistic healers and naturopaths who find that the Harmonic Egg® is a reliable way to replenish spiritual health when they begin feeling depleted. Inside the Harmonic Egg’s chamber, quantum energy envelops the client. The sound and light therapy from the Harmonic Egg® results in a mind-body connection for holistic healing and spiritual rejuvenation.

Vitality from within

Pet Health

If employing a remote session, a photo of the pet is placed inside the egg. The pet and its owner should remain in a safe, quiet space during the 50-minute session. They may also wish to experience the Harmonic Egg® music while they relax in their remote location. When caring for our four-legged family members, it is more difficult to identify results since they communicate differently than humans. Those who live with these pets day in and day out will know, though. 

Find out and Learn more about our pricing structure and how the therapy may help you.

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What People are Saying About the Harmonic Egg®​

Today was my first experience in the Harmonic Egg - Newcastle. I was met by Claire with a friendly greeting and showed in to waiting room that has a calm peaceful aura about it. Claire explained how it worked, what happened, the timings and how I may feel afterwards. I reclined in the most comfortable chair, with a warm blanket over me and laid back for such a relaxing hour. The music was angelic and my experience was beautiful. I've had a great day, very productive, I'm wondering if the energy I asked for is working! Whatever's happened in there I'm excited to feel over the the next few days and I will be definitely booking again for the recommended 5-7 days cycle. How lucky am I to have this in Newcastle on my doorstep.
Andrea Wylie.

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About Us

Wellness From Within.


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